Client feedback

I’ve been to ReNew twice for two different kinds of massages, once for runner’s therapy and once for a Swedish massage. Both were excellent, relaxing experiences, and helped me recover from various injuries and aches. The runner’s therapy massage in particular is fantastic for those of us constantly registering high mileage.
— Wassim E.

This was my husbands first massage and it was an anniversary gift he loved it said she (Sarah) got all the knots out of his back and that he would like to come twice a month.
— Antoinette J.

Went for massage to help with severe restless leg syndrome leg pain, which I have got no relief from many drs and tons of medicine. Slept a couple hours a night due to the pain for years. They recommended I try kenezio tape and it is absolutely amazing the relief I get from it. Sleeping a lot better, and pain is under control. Thank you for the tape recommendation and the relief. I highly recommend renew for their professionalism and willingness to help me!
— Jeff M.
After trying many spots around town, I’m so glad I stumbled upon Renew! The staff is professional & friendly, the rooms are clean, and the prices are affordable. I’ve been seeing Darren monthly for nearly 2 years now. He always goes above and beyond to ensure that I’m comfortable, relaxed, and satisfied.
— Rebecca S.

I had an appointment with Hailey. She started right on time and gave me a play by play of exactly what she was going to do beforehand. She made me feel extremely comfortable for my first time in with a new massage therapist. The only downfall is I wish it lasted longer! One hour goes by fast when you are in a dreamlike state the whole time.
— Amanda W.

I went for a prenatal massage around 24 weeks pregnant. It was an AMAZING experience! The staff was extremely knowledgeable, the message was very refreshing, and I left feeling much more relaxed and comfortable! I look forward to getting another prenatal before the baby arrives!! I would recommend Renew Message every single time!
— Samantha B.

Excellent for the sports enthusiast! Great runners massage!!
— Becky E.
I give Darren & his runners massage a perfect 10! I highly recommend this massage not only for injury recovery, but for maintenance also.
— Dawn S.
Hailey always is polite and makes me feel comfortable. Will be back!
— Scott L.

Just wanted to give a shout out to Darren who works here! I came there Friday for a runners therapy massage and WOW! I have had a ton of massages and this one not only relaxed me but made me leave there feeling so relaxed and not tense! I have been running for awhile now and I have never been able to stretch the muscles like he did! My next run felt like I could run for days!! I also appreciated the extra time he took with me at the end to explain what he found and give me tips to stay healthy while running! I will be back many more times to see him! Thanks for all you guys do;)
— Cassandra M.

Had a great massage today, could immediately tell a difference with how my body felt. Hailey used just the right pressure to get results but not be painful. Super happy with my experience, will definitely will be back.
— Blake K.
I thoroughly enjoyed my hour long deep tissue massage today at Renew. The atmosphere was clean, inviting and relaxing, and the massage was superb! I already have my next couple appointments scheduled!!
— Michelle F.

Absolutely amazing! Darren applied the kinesio tape to my lower back on Tuesday... Instant relief! The KT is still holding strong and my lower back is still feeling the relief from months of pressure. I can’t say enough about these guys and gals, they are always extremely friendly! I also just tried a sports massage and can’t wait to work that into my routine!
— Alli R.

If you want real results you want real experts, these guys rock!
— Andrea C.
Had a massage for the first time yesterday, Darren was the practitioner, and did an excellent job! My legs felt like a million bucks afterwards, and it is what allowed me to escape a swarm of hornets at work today!
— Jesse H.
Super massage therapists and I LOVE the owners!
— JoAn B.

I have to give another review for another successful visit. Thanks to Darren for the awesome sports massage. I truly appreciated how he listened to my concerns and gave me great advice on what I am doing correctly and what I need to work on. When he said “I want to help you so you can keep doing what you love” I knew I made the right choice in choosing ReNew Sport & Therapeutic Massage. I enjoyed meeting Jennifer and hearing the passion she has for her business. What a great group of professionals! Another thank you to Virginia for my daughter’s fabulous massage - she was in heaven! The team at ReNew Sport & Therapeutic Massage absolutely rocks. They have now become a part of my running regimen.
— Caroline

To all my runner will not find a better place than this. The runners massage is AWESOME! To all my nonrunner friends.....they offer many other types of massage! You will never go any other place!
— Beth S.
Had my first massage with Darren last evening and it was FABULOUS. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy massage for years and he is my new favorite. So obviously knowledgeable and attentive to my preferences and reactions and to making sure it was exactly what I needed. Has that x factor of touch and tone that is instantly soothing. Can’t wait for my next one!
— Johna H.

Hailey was gentle and caring. She made me feel assured that she understood my specific needs for the massage and she delivered. Thanks
— Susan R.
The most awesome Massage therapist I know, Darren Smith. I don’t think I would be able to handle this Fibromyalgia without you.
— Pam D.
These guys know what they’re doing!!! ONLY go here if you want to feel FANTASTIC!!
— Brian S.

I LOVE TO RUN! After spending years running distances, my tight, sore muscles needed “tuned-up.” Then, I found Darren Smith, LMT. Being sensitive to my body’s need for rejunvenation, Darren used his massage expertise to reduce my muscle soreness and fatigue. Improved conditioning and performance followed. Massage is now a part of my wellness routine. I have learned that regular massage and running go hand-in-hand. I feel great and am ready to go for a run!
— Marty
So happy to hear this. This is my 30 min of “Darren take me away” each week!! I legit throw a 2yr old tantrum when you are booked or I can’t make it due to work conflict. In this stressful and fast pace environment we need you ladies and gentlemen to be our serenity, so thank you again for providing your service to us❤️😊
— Cathy L.